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Self Portraits of Motherhood Part 27-52 | Tampa Lifestyle Photographer | Florida Family Photographer

I can’t believe that 2018 is already over with! Is it just me or did the year go by super fast for anyone else?

The second half of our year was full of visiting so many different areas. We went to North Carolina for my best friend’s wedding, to Florida to pick a house to move to, and other states in the Midwest just for the fun of it…

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Lavender & Sage Styled Wedding | Grand Rapids, MI

I know, I know, it has been quite a while since I last blogged. I promise I will try to do better throughout the year, I have been slowly getting used to a new work schedule I have from a new job and it has taken time away from my blogging. Okay, it has made it impossible to blog I will admit. But, have no fear! A blog is here!!

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Take The Time To Slow Down

The summer has been an incredibly busy one for our family; full of road trips, adventures, and making new friends. Though it has been an experience, it was good when we finally got to just relax at home and just work our way into a normal routine again. With doing this, I have been able to actually sit and observe as AJ interacts with the world around him.

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When It Rains, We Shoot! | Downtown Jackson, MI

I'm one of those people that loves being out of the norm, I have always liked to see the world a bit differently. Most rainy days would have people cuddled up in there home, but not me! I have always loved how beautiful the rain can make things, the reflections it creates, and the stillness from the empty streets that are normally filled with people. There is a weird beauty to that emptiness that intrigues me.

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