Take The Time To Slow Down

"The child does not merely observe the world around him. He does not shut himself off from the strange, complicated world around him, but tastes it, touches it, hefts it, bends it, breaks it. To find out how reality works, he works on it. "

- John Holt

The summer has been an incredibly busy one for our family; full of road trips, adventures, and making new friends. Though it has been an experience, it was good when we finally got to just relax at home and just work our way into a normal routine again. With doing this, I have been able to actually sit and observe as AJ interacts with the world around him.

It's beautiful. It's mesmerizing. It's emotional.


It could be because I am that mom that doesn't want her child to grow up just yet, but where have these years gone already? I feel like it was just yesterday when I brought him home from the hospital, we were just trying to get him to smile and laugh, and just last night we heard his first word. How does time just fly by like that?

Sure, our life has always been hectic and crazy. We had our entire household balancing both university and working, along with raising our crazy, rambunctious, baby. But did the years really just blink right past us? 

I wish I would have documented more of it. Yes, I take a photo a day of AJ for my current project, but it is normally when he is being silly or something new that day. I wish I took the time to actually watch and document those things he does every day, the ones that we all take for granted with our children because they always do them and we will "catch it next time." 


But, you don't. That next time always gets pushed to never and then when they out grow that stage we regret missing it, or at least I do. AJ used to always have to have a certain morning routine before he was even functional for the day, much like how I am with my coffee, but a few weeks ago, that has slowly faded. As we began traveling more, and using that routine less, he doesn't need it anymore, and I miss it. 

Currently, he sits with me when I do my make-up, playing with my brushes and trying to scratch out my eye shadow pallets. I get frustrated, I get annoyed, and some days I yell at him to leave them alone because they are expensive. What I didn't realize was that he was trying to connect with me, share my time as well. Be just like Mommy.

There are so many times when our children just want to mimic you because they admire you. Let them. Sure, it may drive you crazy, and sure, you might be cringing while you let them help, but it means so much to them. Sometimes, it's okay to take the scenic route in life. It's okay to not follow the book, it's okay to just embrace the flaws and messes that will be the outcome of this experience. It's okay.


A note to myself and others:

Slow down, take everything in for a second while you can. Our children grow so fast already as it is. I mean, AJ is already two and a half now. Appreciate those everyday things while they are still there. Slow down, capture them. You'll thank me later.


Also, no pallets were destroyed during the making of these images. Thank you Jesus!!!