I'm Alex, a true Brooke Davis, trapped in the body of your average, wander-lusting personage, capturing all those sweet stages of motherhood, love, and family. I love photography, the ocean, One Tree Hill, traveling, and, of course, coffee.

When I travel, I always have to stop in and taste all the amazing local coffee houses in the area, even if it means going out of my way. (By the way, Bitty and Beau’s in Wilmington, NC is the best so far!) My obsession with coffee started with my great-grandmother, who introduced me to the beauty of Sanka when I was a child. (I never knew it was caffeine free then.) I also blame it for being why I am only 5'... and that's on a good day.

I have a four year old son, who is the motivation behind all of my work, and a wonderful husband that supports me through all the long night editing sessions and continuous delayment of cleaning the dirty dishes. Much of my personal and exhibit work is based on our crazy, chaotic, but totally awesome life.

I have a Master's Degree in Photography and Design from Eastern Michigan University, a Bachelor's in Studio Art focusing in Photography and Graphic Design, and an Associate's in both Fine Art and Graphic Design and Visual Communication. When I am not photographing, I handle the Marketing and Digital Media campaigns for different companies. I honestly love what I do!

I believe every picture I take and give you should be full of emotion, intimacy, and genuine to you and your family. I focus on the interaction and love between people over traditional posed images, although I do include those in each session. 

I look forward to creating wonderful memories for you!


My work is globally recognized and has been published in Looks Like Film, Life in 52 Project, The House of Flynn Magazine, The Wild Collective, The Wandering Photographer Magazine, Self Portraits of Motherhood, Big Love Small WeddingsLife and Lens, The Documentary Movement, The IAPBP, The Narrative Society, Vibrant Light Magazine, and various photography, wedding, and motherhood blogs.


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I'm not just a photographer that loves capturing the beautiful, unique and chaos of the every day life, I am also my very own personal historian. I am obsessed with documenting life, with freezing time and preserving a record of "the now" for the days, years, and generations to come. Long after the sleepless nights have ended, the bags have erased from under my eyes, our children stop asking to hold our hands, and toys are no longer littering the living room floor, I will have something to look back on and reminisce about.

A story of love, connection, and growth.


Because of this, I try to keep sessions simple and reflective of you and your family, with each session having its own unique features. Whether it is a love for hiking, playing in the rain, or just chilling at home playing video games together, I want to focus on your identity. What makes yourself and your family, well.. your family.

I can capture your babies' bed hair as they wake and welcome the brand new day, those evening walks out with your dogs, or a backyard bonfire on those beautiful fall nights, with everyone cozy in blankets making s'mores.

Or maybe the craziness of the ever told witching hour with bath-time bubbles and snuggly tuck-ins and asking for one more bed time snack, or a lazy Sunday morning on the back deck with coffee in hand and your children exploring the untold stories of the back yard possibly destroying that vegetable patch you worked so hard to not kill this year.

I can be there for that quiet Tuesday morning while you're nursing your baby and laying him down to rest, join you for a hike through your favorite wilderness trails, attend your son's first time eating that sugary concoction they call a birthday cake, or tag along for a those summer swim lessons.