P52 | Self Portraits of Motherhood

(In Progress)


I spent last year documenting a day of our life, every single day for the entire year. It was a lot of work and not something I felt comfortable doing again for 2018, so I decided to work on a different type of project for this year.

I have always loved taking self portraits, many of the images you see of AJ and I were taken this way. I decided to make it a full project this year, having us both get in the frame at least once a week. Continuing on with the concept of “A Day In Our Life,” these all are during tasks that we do daily, weekly, or quite often.



Bathtime, which has been quite the task lately because AJ would rather throw things in the bathtub than get in. Bath bombs kind of save us because he likes the colors that the water changes into when he throws them in.



I think a child’s room will forever be messy, no matter how many times you pick it up, there is always another adventure awaiting to be made up and torn down. Occasionally, I get to help, mostly I am made to hide out in the fortress of stuffed animals only allowed to observe and rebuild.




Mornings usually include hunting through the fridge asking AJ what he wants. Normally, you will go through everything at least once and he will tell you no, then he will tell you what he wants even though it is always the first thing you asked him. Mornings, are definitely not our strong suit.



Evenings being silly and hanging out as we wait for Daddy to get home from work. I love these moments, where AJ gives me mooties, he give me hugs and cuddles up with me, and for one moment it is all about mom. Then, dad comes home and it is like we weren’t just best buddies lol.



How our typical weekends end up: Antonio catching up on some Call of Duty gaming, AJ wanting to pick out his own outfits.. which lately have entailed wearing his swimming floaty, and then me chugging down my coffee every second I can.




When we build our Lego towers.. we try to see how tall we can make it before it falls down. This happened to be about 10 seconds before it fell. AJ hasn’t gotten his foundation skills down just yet, but he still has a few years before he gets his architecture degree.



Winter in Michigan means that I bundle AJ up in 50 blankets over his car seat. I am so ready for warm weather, as I seriously am not cut out for the cold at all. AJ is starting to feel the same way, he prefers pools and playing in the hose over snow and negative weather.



When you are a mom and you attempt to eat dinner, or any meal I should add, in peace. Yeah, that doesn’t exist at all lol. AJ decided to sit on my back as I was attempting to eat the veggie fajitas I made everyone for dinner this week.



Michigan’s weather has finally taken a turn for the better. A week of nice weather is the perfect way to turn any bad days around. We decided to venture out to Aunt Renee’s house and take advantage of her trampoline.. it’s the one plus to having a sister close by that is an inner child herself. AJ always has fun there!



Sometimes, all you need to get through the day is some snuggles in the morning. If anyone knows me, they know that I am not a morning person at all. AJ has been randomly getting up early lately, and I don’t think there is enough coffee for me to manage.



I can always count on my little helper to assist me picking out my outfit for the day, occasionally helping me put makeup on. Well, he doesn’t help with that but he thinks he does. Who knows, maybe I will let him put setting powder on one day because he sure likes that brush lol.



When someone wants to take a nap after hanging out with his friends all day while mom was at work, he tells me to leave the room.. even though it is mine.




After constant weeks full of running around, it is nice to just be able to take a nap and relax. It’s a rare occurrence in our home, but when it does happen we all take complete advantage of it.



AJ loves his chocolate milk, which is great for him, but when you can’t stomach the smell of it, it makes it a tad infuriating to constantly make it, especially late at night. But at least he likes to help you when you do decide to drag yourself out of the comfort of your blanket lol.




After trying for what feels like forever, even though it is really only a couple of weeks, someone finally has the concept of going on the potty. Even if that means waking us up all night to go, at least he is doing it right? Although, I will be ecstatic when I can finally have a full nights sleep once again.



When it has been so cold outside that there is snow on the ground in the middle of April, we hang out in bed and pick out books to read, along with watching cartoons. AJ is obsessed with Gecko off of PJ Masks and his little plush toy goes everywhere with him around the house.



When your child is not amused about your lack of enthusiasm about the show he selected. We are down to repeating PJ Masks, Super Wings, Masha and the Bear, Boss Baby, Tayo, or Trolls constantly. I am looking forward for the day when Netflix graces us with something new he finds fascinating. So far, no luck.



For someone who loves watching other people brush their teeth, he sure hates getting his done. Every once in a while he is good with opening his mouth when asked to brush, but most of the time he hides his face or blocks his mouth with his hands or a toy. Oh the joys of mom life.



He always ditches me on the car ride home from picking him up after work. I guess hanging out with his grandpa all day tuckered him out. I always crack up because he just comes walking in talking to everyone in the store he sees before he figures out I’m in the office. It’s the cutest thing ever.



AJ always loves to look out the window and people watch those in the neighborhood. He is so nosey about things! I have to tell him to get out of the window constantly so he doesn’t break the blinds haha!