When It Rains, We Shoot! | Downtown Jackson, MI

I'm one of those people that loves being out of the norm, I have always liked to see the world a bit differently. Most rainy days would have people cuddled up in there home, but not me! I have always loved how beautiful the rain can make things, the reflections it creates, and the stillness from the empty streets that are normally filled with people. There is a weird beauty to that emptiness that intrigues me.


So, what do I do when it rains? I grab my camera and a model and we have fun!


In Michigan, we have the most bipolar weather, the radars are not always accurate and when you are planning a session, you hope not to be rained out. But sometimes enjoying that moment is the last thing on our mind. Have fun in the rain! Don't let it down your day, make it something you can remember. Grab your children, rain boots and umbrellas and puddle hop, laugh and skip in the wetness, and create memories. Those are my favorites to capture, as they show your true self and personalities.



A little water never hurt anyone anyways...


My son has always been a fan of the outdoors, and like many children doesn't understand that we can't always be outside when the weather sucks. When it isn't as cold out, we do let him play in the puddles and have fun... but his mother is not very good in the cold. Rain I can handle, 20 degrees out, I can't! HA!

It's those little moments though that I can see how much fun he is having and the biggest smile is always on his face. That's why I love what I do, I capture it through it all. Not everything is going to always be perfect, why not find the beauty in those imperfections.

I know it is probably one of the last things you want to hear from a portrait photographer, but always remember that just because it isn't sunny and 70 out for your portraits, doesn't mean that they will be ruined. There is beauty in every forecast that can be captured, don't let a little rain make you stray away from it.

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