Cox | Fresh 48 | Jackson, MI

I love those precious moments right when a baby is born. Those tiny hands, feet, ears, toes.. I could go on forever. Being a mother helps aid in my baby gushiness as well, most of the time I go home and look at my toddler and wonder where time went. I think it is what most mothers do though as their babies grow up. 

Which is why I love being able to offer these sessions. 

I have known Emily for years from school and cheerleading and probably another sport that I can't think of currently. She originally contacted me last year for family photos, but soon found out she was expecting. We then decided to make it a fresh 48 session instead, which was the perfect plan.

I was able to witness as the kids held their new brother for the first time, how careful they were (and weren't) with him, and the love and joy fill their eyes. It was absolutely adorable and if I didn't already have baby fever, I most certainly did after witnessing that. 

I wanted to share a few of my favorites from this session, and let everyone know that even if you don't think you can handle the whole package of birth photography, this is a great alternative in catching that baby's freshness of the first day of life. They grow too fast!!