Project 365 | June

I'm still so in shock at how fast this year has been flying.. How much my child has grown in the past 6 months, and how much I have documented of this journey. It has been truly an experience!



Day 152 | June 1, 2017

This is how AJ loves to sleep. He likes to burrow into a pile of pillows and stick his head out. Sometimes he will keep it covered, but it depends on how hot his room is. 



Day 153 | June 2, 2017

Late nights being on call for a birth, AJ decided to stay up with me. Normally, I spend them re-doing his train tracks, but he always destroys them within a day. So tonight, we just watched Jane the Virgin instead.



Day 154 | June 3, 2017

"Mom! Stop taking my photo!"
He was orginally helping us with breakfast, but decided he just wanted his chocolate milk for the morning.



Day 155 | June 4, 2017

Today, we decided to venture to the lake for the first time this year. The weather finally warmed up and it was the perfect day to get some rays in and sit in the water. (Because you have to go in with AJ or else he gets mad at you). It was a nice family day for us, which has been rare to have lately with our schedules.



Day 156 | June 5, 2017

After spending the previous day with no sleep, this work week began very, very slowly. (I had a beautiful birth from Saturday-Sunday, and then didn't nap after for our family day) At least AJ found a way to entertain himself tofay at the shop.



Day 157 | June 6, 2017

Every now and them, I let AJ have juice. It is very rare and he loves the treat for behaving well. We walk to the gast station next door and he picks out his potion of choice. Usually, it's Dragonberry, but today he decided on orange.



Day 158 | June 7, 2017

AJ loves being outside, so we take him on walks arounf the neighborhood when ever we can. I got a new jogging stroller that is completely amazing, so of course we had to try it out!



Day 159 | June 8, 2017

Paper clips: These tiny little things that are supposed to help organize your life but can be absolute hell in the hands of a toddler. I have a serious OCD problem with colors. I have to have everything organized and seperated, whether it is my clothes, my office supplies, and yes... my paperclips. As you can see, today was a hair ripping out day.



Day 160 | June 9, 2017

This is how we manage to get showers in in peace in our household. No shame. As his Daddy was showering, AJ got to watch Paw Patrol on his tablet to distract him becuase he loves water.



Day 161 | June 10, 2017

Mom, I want to help flush. He loves flushing the toilet, and I mean he will purposely put clean toilet paper in the darn thing just so he can flush it and watch it go down. Silly kid, I swear lol.



Day 162 | June 11, 2017

We spent this extrememly hot Sunday at the lake with his Aunt Renee. The sand was mucky, but AJ loved playing in the weird little sink holes in the shallow water. He thought they were the coolest things ever.



Day 163 | June 12, 2017

Who knew a toddler would love an out of power Meijer so much? As we were walking in, a truck hit the transformer outside of the building. It was a loud sound (think mix between a gun shot and a firework popping) and instant no power. AJ loved it though. He pointed and chatted up all the weird shadows in the aisles.



Day 164 | June 13, 2017

Naked baby time! 
Post bath time is usually a battle of chasing around a naked butt to get his diaper back on. He fights it too. Like he will kick and whine becuase he doesn't want clothes on but as soon as it is over it was like it never happened. Weird faker.



Day 165 | June 14, 2017

We decided to go walking on all of the back trails of the Dahlem Center tonight. It was a nice way to get outside and the woods blocked much of the crazy heat and sun rays off of us. AJ ended up walking a good half mile or more as well. Which led to an easy night of putting him down for bed.



Day 166 | June 15, 2017

When Goobie gets in touble by Daddy and comes crying to Mom. He is too adorable most times and it always ends up being a mix between laughing at why he got in trouble, telling him "Well, Mom/Dad told you so," and asking, "are you done being bad?" Followed by a hug and sending him back on his marry way.



Day 167 | June 16, 2017

Renee got me this cup for Christmas mainly because I have a coffee problem, and secondly becuase I have a Starbucks coffee problem. Both are kind of an issue, but when you need the caffiene, Starbucks always has my back.



Day 168 | June 17, 2017

Today, we traveled up to Port Austin to photograph a beautiful proposal. AJ was my decoy, and a brillant one at that. For his reward, he got to run around and even get in the water, which he loved so much.



Day 169 | June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day! 
AJ helped his daddy open his presents from us before he destroyed his card. What he chose to pick out for his Daddy? A Pokemon water bottle that he now will most likely use haha. Kids.



Day 170 | June 19, 2017

Mondays always require coffee..
Or chocolate milk in AJ's case. He likes lattes, but not what I have been getting lately to keep the calories and fat content down. (Cold brew with almond milk and SF syrup). Safe to say, I finally can have my own coffee again with out sharing.



Day 171 | June 20, 2017

The wonders of the car wash. He was a weird mixed of impressed and confused. He loved when the soap got squirted on the car, but wasn't a fan so much of the dryers at the end. I was cracking up at his expressions the whole time though.



Day 172 | June 21, 2017

We went strawberry picking today... well for a whole 20 minutes I should say. Someone had an attitiude about it. Mostly, becuase he was not allowed to squish them in his fingers and stomp on the plants. He was super happy though to go see Cars 3 later that night though. I got fresh strawberries and he got to see a new movie. Win, Win?



Day 173 | June 22, 2017

"I wear my sunglasses at night, cause I can, cause I can" 
AJ was being a cool dude today when I got home from work and the gym. I was so surprised when he actually stood, posed, and said cheese for this photo. That's super rare these days lol.



Day 174 | June 23, 2017

This is what happens when you let a toddler eat your cookies... He takes a bite out of all of them and then puts them back! Like, come on! Maybe Mom wanted some too! I am convinced he knows that I won't eat or drink after him so he does this to ensure he doesn't have to share his goodies.



Day 175 | June 24, 2017

One of the very few quiet moments as we got the tires on my car changed. The rest of the time consisted of me holding him pacing back and forth in the waiting lounge. At least I am no longer driving on beyond bald tires though now!



Day 176 | June 25, 2017

I spent the day today in Ohio, away from my Goobster. I snapped this as I was walking out the door becuase he was asleep when I left and again when I finally made it back home at 3 am. I always laugh at him having to cover his face to sleep and normally it is with a pile of pillows, but today the comforter worked just fine.



Day 177 | June 26, 2017

There is no use crying over spilled chocolate milk. AJ helped clean up his mess at work today. I didn't even have to tell him to, he just did it on his own. I was so proud of him.



Day 178 | June 27, 2017

Well... I did have a desk. I walked away to fax something and I came back to him eating his nuggets in my chair. Aparently, he wanted to be the boss today.



Day 179 | June 28, 2017

AJ got to play with his aunties all night. They came over to stay the night with us and he was bossing them around like crazy. Too funny, since he is half their size and you still have a hard time understanding what he is saying.



Day 180 | June 29, 2017

Movie night and that means AJ is eating the house out of Doritos. I honestly have stopped trying to force him to eat veggies at this time, something is better than nothing right?



Day 181 | June 30, 2017

Mom, get out! Is what I keep hearing when I put the camera up to AJ lately lol. Get off, or get out are his favorite things to say lately lol. Whether it is his dad ticklng him or me coming in with my camera.. Little Mr. Attitude has fully emerged.