Remembering Brittany | Jackson, MI Memorial Session

I had a very special session a couple of months ago that I am finally adding to the blog. Not because i want it to be broadcasted all over or to showcase the best work I have ever done, but because it has touched my heart so much that I truly can't forget it. 

I will be completely honest, I struggled so much during this session. I am a very empathetic person, I cry when you cry, I smile when others smile. I invest so much of my energy in the families I work with, that a piece of my heart is always in their session with them. Which is why this particular one was so hard for me...

I have known Brittany for years, between family get togethers when she dated my cousin years ago, to birthday parties when I grew up with her sisters. She was always so full of energy and laughter any time I seen her. She could make anyone feel comfortable in a weird situation when they didn't know anyone and was always one of the first people to introduce themselves and strike up a conversation.

The last conversation we had together was about how she needed to get her kids together for a family photo with her if she could ever find the time, catching up on life since it was years since we last seen each other... along with convincing Kassondra she needed to get the bird leggings that Ken completely hated.


I never knew it would be our last..


It was a horrific event when she was taken from this Earth; from her children that she loved so much, from her family that loved her deeply, and her friends who cherished those moments together. She was an amazing mother who cared about her children more than anything and would do anything to protect them. The world lost a beautiful soul.


Her family members have spent months with me planning this out for her children to have, and I am so incredibly happy to be able to fulfill our last conversation. I am so happy to have been able to spend Mother's Day with these incredibly special kids and I know Brittany will always be watching them as they grow, take on the world, and create families of their own.

She will always be their number one supporter and guardian angel."


I will be honest, I cried editing these. I struggled coming up with the words for the post when I shared the images on Social Media. I smiled with joy when her family thanked me for giving her children this beautiful moment. 

I am so lucky to be able to give such amazing moments to families when they need them. I truly hope this aids in Brittany's children's grief process. 

And to Brittany, thank you for always putting your children first. Even if it meant loosing your own life to protect them. They will always cherish that memory of you, and so will everyone else.

Rest in Heaven Beautiful.