Chris + Mary | Port Austin Proposal

The first time I met Chris and Mary was when I was creepily watching their special moment unfold at the very end of the break wall in Port Austin, MI. I know, that sounds so weird right? But actually it was a very sweet story...

Chris found me through a mutual friend Stephanie, she's his best friends sister but moved out of state. Bummed that she couldn't photograph his upcoming proposal, she was looking for those that could in Michigan. I was luckily free for that day.

I remember when Chris was telling me all the details for his surprise to his soon to be fiance. He was so full of joy and excited because she had no clue yet, and Mary is super observant. They drive up to Port Austin every year to get away and it is a little happy place for them. This year, it was her idea and she was actually making all the plans, unknowingly aiding in this adventure.


June 17th came around before we knew it..

I had a plan in motion to bring my son and one of my good friends along as a distraction from us to Mary. I hid my camera under a purse in the stroller and as they walked by I stayed behind and grabbed it as they walked around the guard rail to the very end of the break wall. Chris got down on one knee and the rest is now history.


Mary said YES! If that wasn't obvious already lol

After quite a bit of time, I finally introduced myself. All of us laughing because Mary said to Chris mid embrace how someone was taking photos of them. He just told her how they were supposed to. (Which is why I brought up the creepily watching statement at the beginning of this story).


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And congrats again to these two love birds!!