Self Portraits of Motherhood Part 1-26 | Michigan Lifestyle Photographer

I am so surprised with how fast the first half of 2018 went. I’m not sure if it is because I am so busy with life that the days just keep passing by or because it really is true that the older you get the faster time goes by. I am hoping it is not the second one because I don’t want AJ to grow up that fast just yet.

I always like to do a personal project for every year, and switch it up as soon as a new one starts. Last year, I did a 365 day project of my family, and boy were they so happy for January 1st to hit so I would stop taking photos every single day. This year, I wanted to really challenge myself and do what I tell others to do so much... get in the frame!

So, for 2018, I am doing a weekly self portrait with AJ. Of course, in my true nature I have to keep with the same topic I have been working on for what feels like ages now, so I am depicting motherhood through my eyes. Each photo is of our typical life, raw, authentic, real.

The reason behind “The Beauty in the Unscripted."

So, enjoy weeks 1-26. (Plus some bonus images that I didn’t select to depict the week)