Engagement Sessions FAQ | Michigan Lifestyle Photographer


What day of the week we should schedule our engagement session for?

I predominately schedule sessions on Sunday evenings, that way we are less likely to find ourselves with a bunch of people around where we are wanting the session to take place at. Though, I do revolve engagement sessions around your passions as a couple, so sometimes we have to work with the time constraints that may have. For example, say your favorite place to go is an arcade, or your favorite coffee shop. If they aren’t open on certain days, we will schedule your session around the time that we can have access to to your favorite places!


What is the best time to book our engagement session? 

I advise my clients to contact me and book an appointment as soon as possible for their engagement sessions since dates on my calendar fill up pretty quickly. If you have a date in mind, please contact me and we can start working together to coordinate the perfect engagement session for the two of you! Even if that means jetting off to your favorite city in Italy! (wink, wink)

What locations you can recommend for our engagement session? 

Selecting an engagement session location will be done in complete collaboration with you and your significant other. I do have favorite location from past clients, but I want to make each engagement session personalized on what you like to do as a couple. We can start with your favorite locations, or something that reflects your interests and brings memories back. This is completely up to you. Any places with significance to you is a good start. Where did he propose? Where was your first date? Where is your favorite place to spend weekends or evenings at? The possibilities are endless!

If you still want me to suggest and pick the location for your session, I have no problem and would be happy to do that for you. Either way, they’re going to look amazing!

What should I wear to an engagement session?

Having something which is both comfortable and simple looks the best for photos. I love boho maxi dresses with dress shirts and khakis, but I know that is not everyones style. This session is based on the two of you, so it should be almost like a fun date for the two of you, since I will focus on your passion and feelings for each other quite a bit. I recommend to bring accessories and layer your clothing, which is an easy way to add to and also change styles fast if we have a short amount of time. Bright colors and clothing free of patterns or logos is always the best. If you decide to wear heels at the session, I suggest to also have flats to wear for walking, as we will be moving quite a bit from a location to location and I love making people walk. 

How many images do you take and deliver after an engagement session?

During your engagement session, we will be taking multiple images to capture the love and affection between the two of you. I usually take as many images as I feel tell the story of this time we spent together, so each session varies with the final amount. No matter the original amount of images I take, I only select the best for the final set which will be delivered to you for you to choose your session package. 

If you have more favorites than your package contains, you are more than welcome to purchase additional to keep! 

How long does it take to have our final engagement images and how we can see them? 

It usually takes up to 3-4 weeks for me to process your engagement images and post them into your private online gallery for you to select and choose your images for download. This includes making the final selections, processing and editing them, and then uploading them to my website. If you need them earlier, there is a $100.00 rush fee and you will have them one week after the session. 

Can you make a custom save-the-date prints from our wedding images?

Of course! I actually have a background in Graphic Design and I love designing cards and save the dates for people. I you decide this is something you want me to do, I will have you select the images you want for your save the dates and if you have any inspiration cards that you absolutely adore, then I will come up with a price for how many you need. When we finalize that, I will send you an invoice so I can start designing. I will create and share few designs with you for review and approval. Once approved, prepare the prints or share the digital image if you wish to print them yourself.

The cost for the save-the-date digital image is $150 and the prints cost vary depending on the print size and photo paper finish. Contact me for details on the print pricing. 

Can I order an Engagement album and what are the steps?

Of course you can! The steps are pretty simple. If you decide that you want an album, I would invoice you the price of the album, which are $500/album. After the invoice is paid, I will have you select your favorite images for the album and I will begin designing it for you. It generally takes 4-6 weeks to make and be shipped to me for me to deliver personally to you, so I recommend ordering one as early as you can if you are on a time crunch.