Open Your Heart Give Away | Jackson, MI


I am so very excited to announce this special photo session giveaway! I feel incredibly blessed with how fortunate my family has been through the years, but I also know how hard it can be to go through life’s obstacles. I believe in Karma to the fullest and giving back to your community, so I love the opportunity to gift someone deserving with something special, a professional photo session that documents their family for a lifetime. I started this giveaway last year and it was something I loved so much that I decided to make an annual Christmas tradition. After all, it is the season of giving, love, and family.



This is what I call a self-less giveaway, so you cannot nominate yourself. 

You can nominate a family/friend/co-worker/neighbor… do you know a family going through hard times? Maybe a single mother who works really hard to support her kids with no help? A single dad, winging it on his own? That family that lost it all due to a terrible disaster? Someone with an illness, or just someone that YOU think is deserving of a photo session?

I don’t want to embarrass anyone or make anyone feel like they can’t afford a session, so these will all remain between me and the family/individual chosen, but I want the nominations to be someone who deserves beautiful images of themselves or their families. So when nominating someone, please make sure that this is something they would be blessed to have as I care deeply about these gifts.

In order to NOMINATE someone. Please fill out the submission form below and make sure you read the fine print to qualify.

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. Each person is only allowed to nominate one family. Multiple nominations of the same family don’t help their chances, but it is the thought behind them that counts. When nominating, I want to hear it all. I will not accept a five sentence submission. I want you to dig deep, pray, or whatever you need to do to write a compelling submission. <3

2. This is for an “Every Day” session only. Wedding, Birth, and Newborn Photography are excluded from this giveaway. It is for one immediate family only unless agreed upon in writing otherwise..

. The session will be shot per the photographer’s schedule. Nominated family must live within 30 miles, or be willing to travel to, the Jackson, MI area.

. The prize is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

5. All entries must be received before 11:59 p.m. December 31, 2017 to qualify.