Project 365 | October


Day 274 | October 1, 2017

I randomly found this stash of AJ's goodies hidden in the side of his little recliner. I guess he was saving them for later?




Day 275 | October 2, 2017

AJ found a few more Jackson Rocks today and was building a tower of them. I lost count how many times he knocked it over, but it kept him happy and content.




Day 276 | October 3, 2017

It was actually nice out today, so we went for a walk after we got out of work. It was a nice way to relax and blow off some steam.




Day 278 | October 4, 2017

These Danamal yogurts are the only food source that this child wants to eat I swear. I guess they are kind of healthy? At least he isn't starving, that is a win in my book.




Day 279 | October 5, 2017

This will probably be the last day of him being able to play in the hose for the year. Though, it has been an incredibly unusually warm month, so he might luck out again.




Day 280 | October 6, 2017

He locked me in on the porch after we grabbed the mail. He then got mad about 3 minutes after this and begged me to come out to help him back in.




Day 281 | October 7, 2017

We finally got a weekend to ourselves with no child. (that hasn't happened since AJ was born) So, naturally we went to the Michigan VS Michigan State game. Though it didn't turn out in our favor, it was still a great way to spend our anniversary.




Day 282 | October 8, 2017

When we got back into town, neither one of us felt like cooking, so Little Cesar’s for the win. Plus, AJ loves their crazy bread, so he actually ate dinner.





Day 283 | October 9, 2017

I told AJ when we went to the gas station for snacks that the eyes were watching him to make sure he was behaving. He watched them the whole time we were in there talking to them like they were a person. It was pretty funny.




Day 284 | October 10, 2017

My last day at work for the week and this little munchkin decided he was going to take over my desk. Since I was moving parts around, I put on Nick Jr on the computer for him and let him lay out all of his snacks. It worked pretty well for some of the day.




Day 285 | October 11, 2017

We couldn't find Antonio's head piece foam thing that goes on the mic for his Xbox. Turns out, AJ stuffed it in the medicine spoon. I guess he didn't want to take medicine or let his dad play the game.





Day 286 | October 12, 2017

I got to venture around the mountains in the Portland and Washington area today. This included hiking down a cliff with a rope to see a waterfall and hanging out with some amazing people.




Day 287 | October 13, 2017

When your mornings on the Pacific North West begin with a beautiful view and a cup of coffee. It is weird being away from AJ, but this view completely makes up for it.




Day 288 | October 14, 2017

My last day in Portland was spent visiting Halloweentown and meeting Marnie. Yes, the real Marnie!!




Day 289 | October 15, 2017

This is how AJ was when I walked in the house after a few days away from him. It was the longest that I have spent away from him but luckily I was so busy the whole time that I never got a moment to let it sink in. I am just glad to be back home with my little man.




Day 290 | October 16, 2017

Someone was not a fan about getting his teeth brushed today. He was not a fan of mom watching him with her camera either since he closed the door on me after this shot.




Day 291 | October 17, 2017

When that face gets him into Toys R us and some toys from mom... Yeah, AJ is spoiled. After picking out cars, he decided to play in the playhouse outside the store. Can't beat a free play area.




Day 292 | October 18, 2017

AJ has a fascination with toilets. Everywhere we go he has to throw toilet paper in and flush them. Now, if only he would actually sit on a potty and go! 




Day 293 | October 19, 2017

I went grocery shopping and AJ stole the gluten free noodles from my bag to make a ramp for his cars to drive down. I guess they are made for multiple purposes? .




Day 294 | October 20, 2017

AJ thought it was funny to hide under the laundry basket and call out "Mom!" I was cracking up because he was sticking his fingers out for me to find him. .




Day 295 | October 21, 2017

The fascination with the claw machine is unreal. I can't play to save my life, so luckily he is easily convinced that the quarter gumball machine is just as cool. Plus, he got two bouncy balls from it. .




Day 296 | October 22, 2017

This is what AJ did when I had mini sessions today. He would peak out the window and start laughing and would try to get my attention. I guess he wasn't too fond of having to share it. 




Day 297 | October 23, 2017

Meet Mini Splinter. I sent Antonio this photo and he thought the mouse in it was real. So hence the new name for AJ's new pet. 




Day 298 | October 24, 2017

"Hello?" "I don't know!"
AJ was a big helper answering the phones.. actually he just called other extensions in the shop and then answered his one phone call. Then, froze the computer. I guess he is learning young right? 




Day 299 | October 25, 2017

Someone got a hair cut today. He wasn't too thrilled about it either. Come the evening time, he was a little less salty, but the KFC daddy got him was the reason.




Day 300 | October 26, 2017

Why are you taking photos of a coffee cup mom?
I was taking photos for my mini session ad and this was AJ's expression for them. I don't think he is a mini fan lol. .




Day 301 | October 27, 2017

Sleeping beauty likes to sleep in all day. I will forever call AJ a mini teenager because he can easily stay up all night and then never take a nap and still be up at 11 pm the next night. Then crashes…




Day 302 | October 28, 2017

This is how Goobs let his Grammy change his diaper when I came to pick him up after shooting my last wedding of the year. With popcorn in hand. I was cracking up!




Day 303 | October 29, 2017

Someone is excited he got juice for once in his life from mom. I am so mean and don't let him have anything besides milk and water besides the occasional juice. Today, he was thrilled about getting some OJ. 




Day 304 | October 30, 2017

This is the way we brush our teeth..
Or attempt to for the lack of better words. Teeth brushing has become the biggest hassle ever! I am not exactly sure what happen to make it this way either..




Day 305 | October 31, 2017

You can't see me.
Someone was John Cena for Halloween this year. He took his costume a little too literal when we got home because he dumped out his entire bag of candy then acted like I couldn't see him do it. Nice try bub