Project 365 | May


Day 121 | May 1, 2017

The first of the month always means bank runs for us. But it also means that AJ gets a sucker at every bank in town.. sometimes two or three from one teller as well. I win the mom award becuase, he totally ate three of them for lunch today. But hey, it kept him happy and he still ate his dinner at home as well like a good boy. I can't complain. 



Day 122 | May 2, 2017

AJ really wanted to go for a car ride on out lunch break, so we got coffee. (Well Chocolate Magic Milk for him, but what he don't know won't hurt him.) He loves being just like Mommy and waiting for his order like a patient toddler would.. Actually, he did pretty good on his wait, he just almost drak the straw wrapper with his milk though when he got his "coffee."



Day 123 | May 3, 2017

This is what I see when I wake up. AJ is like me and not a morning person at all. The sun comes in the room and he covers his face with a million pillows. He steals them from every room in the house I should add as well so he can sleep with them all. lol



Day 124 | May 4, 2017

I am not allowed to make spagetti anymore. Aparently, I "healthify" it too much for Antonio, since Italian food should not be healthy according to him. Either way, AJ will eat my healthy version of noodles or his dad's sodium filled, heart attack in a bowl, version. I'm just glad he's eating, he keeps going through stages of being so picky I want to scream and tear my already thin hair out.



Day 125 | May 5, 2017

Each morning, when I get around for work, AJ comes and sits on my lap to play with my makeup while I am getting around. Normally, I let him only play with my cheap stuff, since I have a fingernail size hole in my favorite Naked pallet, courtesy of a smiling toddler. Now, he just likes to play with the brushes to brush his hair and face, like Mommy does.



Day 126 | May 6, 2017

AJ loves his "coffee," or chocolate milk that I tell him is coffee. In between photo sessions today, we made a stop by Jackson Coffee Co. He flirted with the ladies, and even got a free danish. Can't complain over here, since I ended up eating it lol.



Day 127 | May 7, 2017

We hung out with Aunt Renee's chickens today. AJ is slowly starting to like them more than before, but still from a distance. I tried to have him pet one and he still freaks out and runs away. I think it's the feathers honestly.



Day 128 | May 8, 2017

Back to work, but today it was change day. You can't see it in this image but he is holding $170 to get change for the register. He knows his bills too. Give him a dollar, and he will point to that $20 in your hand. He doesn't like when yu try to cheapskate him out of money haha


Day 129 | May 9, 2017

Today was one of those "I swear I'm not a bad mom" days. Normally, after work AJ and I drive around the parking lot since it is empty and he can act like he is a big man driving. Today, we did the same as any other day, I changed his butt because he will fall asleep on the drive home and we drove over to the dumpster. Well, instead of the usual toss and get back in the car, this turd decided he wanted to lock mom out of her car. Since it was running, he succeeded. We spent 20 minutes trying to get him to "push the button" while he laughed and held out my salad for me to watch him dump all over my seats (Thankfully he didn't) and run back and forth before we gave up trying to break in and just called Phelps. Yeah... that was our day. On the bright side, they didn't charge me to get my terrible two toddler out while he laughed and waved at them.



Day 130 | May 10, 2017

AJ loves when we go on walks, so tonight we decided to go for one at the Dahlem Center. Since he is Mr. Independent, he was able to walk on his own since we don't have to worry about crazy drivers flying by as we walk.



Day 131 | May 11, 2017

Dad, this was not what I had in mind when you said to help with the dishes. He wasn't too thrilled about not being able to make a mess.


Day 132 | May 12, 2017

We like to snuggle up and watch movies at night to wind down after our days. No popcorn tonight though luckily, becuase it would have probably ended up all over the floor since everything gets dumped out.


Day 133 | May 13, 2017

I opened up the sandbox while Daddy was at work today. After helping mom with sessions, it was the reward he wanted. At least until the mosquitos came out, then I made him come in because I'm allergic and was getting eaten alive. I know, party pooper.



Day 134 | May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day! I woke up to AJ directing daddy how to make pancakes for us, all while terrorizing our kitchen. Seemed fitting, and it's still not picked up lol. No shame.



Day 135 | May 15, 2017

This tricyle was one that has been passed down for generations. It is normally at my great-grandparent's house, but was brought down shorty after AJ was born. He can't quite reach the peddals yet, but he is close. In the mean time, he will just use his feet to push it around.



Day 136 | May 16, 2017

I will never understand his and his father's obsession with cereal. It could just be because I hate it, but is it really that normal to eat all day every day? And of course to only like the kinds that are straight sugar? Totally don't understand this haha.


Day 137 | May 17, 2017

AJ took this photo while sitting in my lap tonight. He has had a fasination with my camera and I have been slowly working with him with it. He currently is only in a button phase, so he doesn't care what he takes a photo of, as long as he can hear the shutter go off. It's safe to say his toy camera doesn't suffice anymore.



Day 138 | May 18, 2017

Can you find the toddler? 
AJ has been on a tormenting spree of his bedroom. He loves to pull all of his drawers out of his table and dump their contentents on the floor for Mommy and Daddy to pick up.



Day 139 | May 19, 2017

Bathtime fun.. He loves playing with the water and splashing. It makes for a fun time for him until he gets in trouble for making the bathroom floor all wet.



Day 140 | May 20, 2017

Whe I had a birth all night and havent slept and Dad has to work, we multi-task. During bathtime, I get some of my editing done. At least for the time being until he wants to start splashing because he is ready to get out.


Day 141 | May 21, 2017

When coffee is the only way you can function through the week. I am used to only taking 1 session a week, but lately it has been at least 5. It's catching up to me and chasing aound my mini me makes it to where I need the caffiene.



Day 142 | May 22, 2017

AJ brought his shoes up to me today. I have no idea why or why he thought it was a good idea to try climbing in socks. I snapped a photo and then made him put them back on because I did not want to have to soak those socks.



Day 143 | May 23, 2017

Someone was so tired they couldn't wait the last half hour of work to take a nap at home. He had to find the dirtiest corner of all to crash in though.. Typical boy right there.




Day 144 | May 24, 2017

I made that banner when I was pregnant for AJ, we knew he was going to be a boy the second we found out we were pregnant. It is still one of my favorite parts of his room. And yes, it is all Michigan themed. Go Blue! ;P



Day 145 | May 25, 2017

We have been trying, and failing, I should add, to get AJ to sleep in his own bed. Dad doesn't like to follow the procedures, and always caves at bedtime. So, I will forever blame him for why AJ doesn't sleep in his own room.



Day 146 | May 26, 2017

When mom has a gluten craving, we get pizza.. and aparently, this is how AJ eats his share. By sitting on the box and eating his pizza roll ups. I guess that is one way to dab off the greese from it.



Day 147 | May 27, 2017

It's a nasty day out, so that means staying in and watching movies all day. I managed to get AJ off of the Toy Story repeats for a little bit so he could watch Dispicable Me.



Day 148 | May 28, 2017

When Dad picks up a random day of work he uses his morning to play with goobie. It is so cute watching him follow his dad around, mimicking all the movements he makes.



Day 149 | May 29, 2017

I'm never sure if Happy Memorial Day is appropriate to say for the holiday. It's one of those things that you rejoice the life lost, but does that make it a happy day? Either way, I decided to take AJ to visit my grandpa before we went to the family barbeque. He even chose to leave a car for him. It was too precious.



Day 150 | May 30, 2017

AJ loves getting coffee with Mommy.. well chocolate milk for him becuase he can't have the caffiene. But we love getting our coffee fixes during a long work day. Today's tackle? Petty Cash.



Day 151 | May 31, 2017

This is how I always find these two when I have evening sessions. Chilling and watching Paw Patrol. Classic Man Time.