My Bucket List

I think it is normal for people to have a list of things they want to do: Go skydiving, swim the barrier reef, travel to Europe.. The list can go on. I have my own version of this list for myself, as I am a huge wanderluster and I love to travel and explore. (Although, scratch sky diving off that list, I know I would chicken out)

But this made me think of my photography dreams, what is my photography bucket list?

As photographers, we all have those dream sessions that we are killing to get the opportunity to photograph. Heck, most of us would do them for free of charge, or heavily discounted, for the opportunity to shoot and share with our followers. (Totally admitting it, this is me)


So with no further delay, here is my Ultimate Photography Bucket List:


Underwater Mermaid Session

I have a serious love for mermaids. I have always wanted to be one, but I was not fortunate enough to become one of these mystical beauties. Oh well, I can photograph them instead. I have done many mermaid sessions, but none of them underwater. I would love the chance to try it out and learn underwater photography.


Couples Boudoir (Both Nude and Implied)

As a lifestyle photographer, I love everything unique about interactions with families and couples. Which is why I love the idea of photographing such intimate moments (No, not porn, get your head out of the gutter lol). Couples sharing coffee in the morning in their lingerie and boxers, those sweet cuddles in bed. The list could go on. I have so many ideas when it comes to this topic.


Models in Exotic Locations

My dream is to work for Vogue and travel to photograph models in beautiful gowns in exotic places. It's a combination for my love of traveling, mixed with my love for fashion. I am determined to make that a dream come true though. My heart is set on it.


Water Birth

Birth photography is always near and dear to my hear. As a mother, I love being given the chance to watch as a family's most precious bundle arrives. Water births are so natural and beautiful, I want one myself.. But I really want to photograph one.


Twin Birth

What's better than one baby? TWO!! I think that sums it up perfectly <3


Destination Elopements to Europe/South America

I love everything about weddings, the dress, the elegancy, the decor. What I love even more is those beautiful images that you see from locations like Iceland, Paris, the Amazon, etc. I love to travel, so fly me out for your wedding. (I'm only partially joking, but 99% serious)


The Tatum's atop Machu Picchu

What could be better than Jena Dewan and Channing Tatum reliving their Step Up days atop the beautiful ancient ruins. I have always loved them and that movie is still my favorite to this day. I might fan girl a little bit about it, but come on, who wouldn't.


Disney World

Capturing those little hearts glowing as they arrive for the first time at Disney, seeing their favorite characters and meeting them for the first time. If that doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what would. 


These are only a portion of my list. I have so many more to be shared at a later time, so stay tuned ;)