Vincent Charles | Birth Story

I have been back in Michigan for a little over a year now, so it makes it rare that I have been able to photograph an entire birth story.. from start to finish. I was blessed to have been able to do that of Vincent Charles back in April. The first time I met Jackie, Bennie, and Vivi was when I photographed their birth announcements, they were such a great family to work with and Vivi loved playing with AJ.

So to memorialize the special event for such a special little boy and family, I wanted to share his story. For the first time, from start to birth.. and beyond. I have included some memories that Jackie told me about her pregnancy with Vincent as well to tie the story together. I hope you enjoy!

Also, some images are omitted out of privacy and respect to the Nortley Family.

"I took my pregnancy test at Cracker Barrel because I couldn't wait till we got home and I pretty much knew I was pregnant and I was really excited to confirm it. So then I came out and told Bennie right away over lunch! lol."

We choose to take Vincent's announcement pictures at the armory, luckily it didn't rain on us because the weather was pretty gross looking out, and it is Michigan so you never know.


Jackie had a pretty smooth pregnancy, Vince was nice to his mommy. He loved his Chinese food though, particularly Yen King, which I can't blame him for. 

"I ate there probably 3 times a week. I loved every bit about being pregnant for Vincent."


But the road was not completely easy for little Vincent..

"we had one scare at 7 months, I had a seizure. I went into labor at 36 weeks pregnant and was put on bed rest, and at 38 weeks I went in and had Vince."

And that's where my recollection begins again..

I received a text from Jackie and Bennie around noon telling me that she was admitted into the hospital, but wasn't very far yet in her progression. I normally hold off on coming up to the hospital until about 5-7 cm, depending on how fast a birth progresses. I received a text at about 5:45ish that she was at a 7, so I made my way to Allegiance. 

I made it just in time! When I walked in the door, Jackie was all happy in content, you would have never known she was in full blown labor... let alone at 10 cm and ready to push. We all patiently waited while the nurse checked her and said she felt Vincent's head and that she would call the doctor.. who just left lol. I don't think anyone was prepared for that fast of a progression, but Vincent was born safely and calmly.



"At 9am, I went into the hospital and was in active labor. They started Pitocin at noon to get things going a little faster and by 6:56pm, I think lol, he was born. I remember after they gave me the epidural, it was super easy. I asked the nurse why I felt a little bit of pressure between my legs, so she checked me and Vince was crowning and they went to get the doctor and the doctor had went home. So we waited a half hour for the Dr to get back to the hospital and get ready to deliver the baby. In the time, I was begging Bennie for another baby already. The nurses thought I was crazy."


I asked Jackie how things are going with adjusting to two kids, since they have been home a few months now.

"Things are definitely settling great. I went back to work and got a job promotion, Daddy got a 1st shift job to be home with us more, and we moved from an apartment to a house. Vince sleeps though the night and his big sister absolutely loves him. So were off to a great start!"