AJ | Cake Smash

It's that time of year when the tears come out for mommas across the world, well some I guess, others might be bad a**es and stand stronger than us wee people. I'm talking about your baby's first birthday. Oh how the year flew by so fast and now we officially have a toddler running around the house, destroying everything in sight I might add. 

So why not celebrate the mess! 

Not that I am saying to give them a high five for knocking over your lamp, or even for jumping on your laptop (yes, it happened). But for their first major milestone in their life, why not let them smash, something not breakable and valuable. Something that you won't cry about to sleep that night because it was a family heirloom 


That's where the cake comes in.

I’ve done many cake smashes as a photographer, helped other children celebrate such amazing milestones, so I was more than excited when it was time for my son to have his turn. Plus, who doesn’t like eating the frosting and breaking their current diet. To be a crafty mom, I decided to make his cake.


That was my first mistake…

Who knew that decorating a cake was so hard, and by hard I mean I wanted to throw it out the window at least a few dozen times in a 20 minute time span alone. I don’t think it should take one person over 5 hours to decorate a cake, but it did. Add in some attention cries, dinner, and a significant other that wanted to play video games on his day off and you have the trifecta of the perfect recipe to irritate a creative mother, well at that point I was completely doubting myself. Eventually, after must frustration and a destroyed tier to the cake, I decided I was done with it. My idea of a perfect chalkboard cake with baby writing on it went up in flames with my sanity for the night, but at least the final product was “decent.”


But anyways, cake aside, the rest of the cake smash was pretty smooth sailing. It was a great way for us to celebrate our son’s first birthday and it was a way for AJ to make his wonderful, tornado like, beautiful pieces of artwork, disasters without getting into trouble. Win, win!

Oh, and as a bonus I got to watch his dad dump cake on his head! WinX3

Even though it is such an emotional time for you to go through as a parent, there are also so many things to celebrate and have fun with. Create memories, capture those little toothless laughs, messy faces, and fingers while they are still in that “oh he/she made a mess, that’s sooo cute” stage. If nothing else, it creates the perfect opportunity to have a cake fight!

Which I think Dad liked more than anything if I must say so myself! 

TMI Note:

The fun didn't end with the cake smash, we got quite the surprise afterwards with some intense teal colored diapers. (I forgot that I put food coloring in the cake)