Those Late Summer Nights | Jackson, MI

Sometimes, we don't need the beach days and a family get away to relax and spend time with one another. Many times, though it would be nice to, we can't make time, we can't coordinate schedules, we just can't get away from the hustle and bustle of our regular world. It sucks, because when do you really find the time to just relax and enjoy yourself while we are all still young?

 To just not have a care in the world, to breathe and not worry about tomorrows deadlines, and whether or not you will be short staffed or have a company wide argument for the millionth time that month...

Oh wouldn't that be nice.

But we live in the real world, where they have not yet made a time machine to take us back to our youth before bills and student loans were due and incurring interest like crazy.


So how do we find that time to just relax and have fun when there literally seems like there are no hours in the day?

We make it.

We defy the odds and find the little things that make us keep pushing on. Our children.

Their smile when they see you come home, or when they just accomplished something remarkable. That 15 minutes you took to let them play in the hose and spray you even though you really don't want to get your last pair of good work pants wet. Its those late summer nights when the air is just the perfect temperature, making it to where that cold hose water doesn't make you want to scream out in pain, but instead feels just like you are on vacation.


 It could just be me that can seem to never find the time to settle down. I have to plan it out a year in advance. But at least I cherish these moments and let them continue to push me and tell me that all these hours are worth it, that all this time will make our family better. That it will show my son what kind of adult I wish him to be. 

And when I struggle with finding balance, I take those 15 minutes to find it, even if it means creating 24 hours and 15 minutes in a single day. Spending time with my family on these late summer nights means the world to not only myself, but to them.