Nina + Mae | Boutique


I have been working on something the past few months that I am so excited to share!

If you know me personally, you know that I love coffee, fashion, dream catchers, and floral. Not in any particular order, though from my height it is assured that coffee is number one. I have always wanted to open a boutique and have contemplated this idea for years.


But it’s 2018, so why not just dive in and take a chance?

And that is precisely what I did, so I am happy to officially announce the opening of Nina + Mae.



I came up with the name Nina + Mae after my great-grandmother, Nina Mae. She is an amazing women and someone that I have always looked up to...

She taught me everything I know now about sewing and textiles. I remember when my sister and I would sit on her basement floor and hand sew barbie outfits with her scraps from her quilts. I never knew that that would aid in me then altering my clothes to make them unique in high school and then creating my own props and costumes for my photography sessions. I love being able to get my hands full of glue and have scraps of ribbon and glitter stuck to my pants and in my hair after a long day of crafting.

A few years ago, she was diagnosed with dementia, and has slowly been loosing her daily activities that made her, her. I haven’t seen her sew or knit in years, so being able to create this business in her honor is something I really wanted to do. 



So, feel free to take a look, shop, and share with your friends and family. I appreciate the support from the bottom of my heart!