Project 365 | December


Day 335 | December 1, 2017

Extra baths to make sure this little minion stays clean and keeps his fever down. Today though, he was a lot better and back to playing. Mom, on the other hand, had the flu hit in full force and was out of commission for the rest of the evening.



Day 336 | December 2, 2017

I pulled out my camera to take a photo before I went to lay back down to rest since I didn't sleep at all from being sick. Hopefully, this is the last round of the flu and we are in the clear for the rest of the season.



Day 337 | December 3, 2017

I was hosting a shootout today and this is what these two were doing when I got home. AJ loves his dads new game chair because he can sit right next to his daddy while they watch the game, cartoons, or just play on their phone and tablet.



Day 338 | December 4, 2017

My Cameo 3 came in the mail today. AJ wanted to play in the box it came in, so to make sure he didn't step all over my new printer, I let him play in the packaging box. It kept him entertained and kept my Cameo safe and sound.



Day 339 | December 5, 2017

Goobs found a random binkie of his and thought it was funny to act like a baby. He has been on a baby obsession lately I swear!



Day 340 | December 6, 2017

"It's stinky!"
Which, has become the new favorite saying for AJ this week. No matter what it is, it is all of a sudden stinky and makes him hold his nose and say how it is stinky lol. Silly boy for sure 



Day 341 | December 7, 2017

I got home from work today and AJ and his father were playing with his plastic wagon. AJ kept sitting in it and made his dad pull him around the house. 


Day 342 | December 8, 2017

I guess his father's game chair is so comfy you can fall asleep half out of it. Antonio had to play COD standing up tonight because AJ crashed on the game chair and we didn't want to wake him up.



Day 343 | December 9, 2017

When the first real snow fall hits and actually sticks, we take advantage of it. AJ loved the snow and didn't want to come inside. Me, on the other hand, was ready to go in after two seconds. It was quite the disagreement, and we settled with letting him play in a box because he was mad his wagon wouldn't work in the snow.


Day 344 | December 10, 2017


In typical Sunday tradition, AJ destroyed his house and we started the morning off relaxing in our PJs before getting around for Grammy's so Mom and Dad could go out for Mom's birthday. Goobs has been on a Lincoln Log obsession, with making me constantly rebuild a house for him to crash his cars into. -_-


Day 345 | December 11, 2017

When Renee and I were growing up, we always loved cold hot dogs. That seemed to pass on to AJ now. He will sit and eat them only cold and won't touch them if they are cooked now. Silly boy.


Day 346 | December 12, 2017

AJ was having fun playing with the Christmas tree today. He kept hiding his cars in the tree then would run back and grab them to drive them on his car mat.


Day 347 | December 13, 2017

AJ had to have his teddy bear next to him when he watched tv. I tried to put him back on the bed and he got mad at me and pulled it back off the bed and sat it down next to him. To funny!



Day 348 | December 14, 2017

Someone thought it was a good idea to be up all night waiting for daddy to get out of work. Then he decided to stay up all day as well. Right after his bath he fell asleep on the couch still naked. At least I have gotten good at putting clothes on a sleeping child. lol 


Day 349 | December 15, 2017

I'm not sure if AJ wanted to be a cat or just thought it was funny to play under the Christmas tree. Then when you asked him to come out he refused, so we had to act like we were leaving him home alone to convince him to get out of the tree. such fun lol... 


Day 350 | December 16, 2017

If you don't want your photo taken, just hide under a clothes basket.. I only had to clean up the towels he dumped out to do so though.



Day 351 | December 17, 2017

Who needs pants anyways? They're so overrated! I think this child spends more time without clothes on than he does ever fully dressed. lol 


Day 352 | December 18, 2017

When we have to get some last minute shopping done, Burger King always comes to my bribing rescue. Chicken nuggets are AJ's favorite thing to eat. No shame over here because he'll eat a carton of raspberries after this haha. 


Day 353 | December 19, 2017

AJ loves his trains and this was one of the few times that the track I made him stayed intact for over a day. It didn't last long though because the next day he destroyed it. 



Day 354 | December 20, 2017

Someone was tired and couldn't wait for mom to get out of work before falling asleep.


Day 355 | December 21, 2017

What's better than cookies? Meckley's handmade donuts that's what! His father and him ate all of the donuts we got while visiting the apple orchard the previous weekend. 



Day 356 | December 22, 2017

Bath time fun. AJ has finally been starting to like the shower, which makes it easier on us when he wants to hop in while we are showering.



Day 357 | December 23, 2017

The best place to hide his PJ Masks characters? The Christmas tree. He would put them in the tree then ask me where they went then would pull them out yelling, "there it is!" Too funny.



Day 358 | December 24, 2017

AJ loved his marble track that his Daddy got him for Christmas. We let him open a couple of presents early and he has been obsessed with this little toy. Probably because he watches it all the time on Ryan's Toy Review on Youtube.


Day 359 | December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas Everyone! How this year has flown! I had my family all pitch in for this little car for AJ this year, because let's be real, he has way too many toys that I have no idea what to do with them. His aunt had to get him the Mercedes Benz of course, and let me tell you, that car is awesome. It has lights, a horn, and Bluetooth! 



Day 360 | December 26, 2017

The Christmas weekend hangover is in full effect today. So a lazy day it will be for us to gather our energy for the rest of the week.



Day 361 | December 27, 2017

I feel like our living room will forever be trashed from our Christmas festivities. But AJ loves playing with his cars and crashing them into all of the random objects we have laying on the floor.


Day 362 | December 28, 2017

When your toddler tells you to get out during bath time, you improvise. He thought it was funny that I was hiding behind the shower curtain for this though.


Day 363 | December 29, 2017

"The Paw Patrol is on a roll!"
AJ plays with his little characters and makes the siren sound as they go down the slide on his new lookout tower. He's got that siren down if I say so myself.


Day 364 | December 30, 2017

Our last Saturday of the year. After meeting his aunt for lunch we decided to have a lazy rest of our Saturday. What better than hanging out in bed watching movies when it is negative feeling out.


Day 365 | December 31, 2017

The last image of the year is probably one of the least technical ones, but is so representational of this year. A little loud and noisy, unsound, full of improvements that can be made, and much like life doesn't have a straight focus. This year brought a lot of ups and downs, growth and heartache, but love. It was full of love. It is kind of sad to see this chapter close, but I am so excited for what is next in our life.