Project 365 | September

This year has been flying by. I recently went back and looked through the entire years worth of images I have taken and it is so crazy how much AJ has changed. I am not prepared for him to get older, or bigger, anytime soon.



Day 244 | September 1, 2017

AJ had to wake his aunts up early today. He just wanted to play. And yes I am aware that rhymed. I'm a poet and I didn't even know it.



Day 245 | September 2, 2017

Antonio was streching before work and AJ wanted him to take a nap instead. So he put a pillow under his head and covered him up with a blanket and gave him a mootie. I guess dad wasn't allowed to leave today.



Day 246 | September 3, 2017

It took us all summer to get this toy slide up. So, since it has been colder out than usual, we set it up in the living room to make up for him not being able to play with it. He loves it, even if it means that we have no space in our already too crowded living room.



Day 247 | September 4, 2017

What is labor day without visiting his aunt and grandpa? Or in this instance, visiting his aunt so he can chase her cats around. It does give them their exercise though because they are super lazy felines, so I guess it is good karma for AJ ???



Day 248 | September 5, 2017

What this photo doesn't show is that he turned off my printer and it took me forever to figure out why my stuff wasn't printing out like it needed to. Five copies later though, I figured it out. Sneaky little child.



Day 249 | September 6, 2017

AJ wanted to help clean today. He found the broom that is perfectly his size and helped me sweep the floors of my office. One day I will get better about dusting I keep telling myself.



Day 250 | September 7, 2017

This is what happens when someone wants to take their nap. He pulls out every single blanket and pillow and piles them up to lay in. Then just goes to sleep. Easy enough.



Day 251 | September 8, 2017

When Mom got home from work this is what the Goobs was doing. So peaceful and quiet. Too bad this didn't last long.



Day 252 | September 9, 2017

Wedding day life for a photographer.



Day 253 | September 10, 2017

The first day of NFL football started today. I got to listen to Antonio yell at the Lion's offense and then AJ would throw things around the house. I think they are quite the football watching pair.



Day 254 | September 11, 2017

I finally caught this moment on camera. AJ loves to climb the 460 then yell "help" for me to get him off of this spot. Only to repeat the entire process over two minutes later.



Day 255 | September 12, 2017

The slide has now become a pillow slide. I give AJ A+ on creativity though, because if I was a child, this would be awesome. Too bad I can't fit on the slide or I would have joined him. Adult problems ey?



Day 256 | September 13, 2017

I had to use the bathroom so bad after a few cups of coffee at a wedding meeting before I went to pick up some random groceries. I forgot chili because of this, so AJ and I took a trip to the dollar store to get some. I made the mistake of telling him if he was good he could pick out a toy. Twenty minutes later, this is still what we were doing...



Day 257 | September 14, 2017

There's nothing like being outside for the Goobmiester. He loves it rain or shine and will con you in any way possible to get his little feet out that door.



Day 258 | September 15, 2017

When AJ wants to be a little crabby, this is where he throws his tantrum. Today, he didn't want to stay off of the blankets.



Day 259 | September 16, 2017

When you have to bribe your child to put on a diaper. His daddy uses chocolate milk to do the trick. Works every single time.



Day 260 | September 17, 2017

Someone likes to play in the hose. I came home to him soaking wet and full of cheesy grins from being able to actually splash the water around.



Day 261 | September 18, 2017

When we accidently order a dozen donuts instead of a hald dozen... It just means we bring them to work to share. Or attempt to share, since AJ did not want to get out of the car. I'm guessing he doesn't have this share concept down yet.



Day 262 | September 19, 2017

When you have a super big helper. He carried the garbage can all the way to the dumpster and 90% of the way back to the office. He got distracted on the way back and wanted to play on a mower instead of walking across the showroom.



Day 263 | September 20, 2017

When you have to sit right next to your child during movies. Not close to, you actually have to be touching. Apparently, it makes a difference.



Day 264 | September 21, 2017

We took a walk to Polly's today to pick up some snacks. AJ loves to be a helper and put the groceries on the belt and watch them get rang up. He always has to pick out something for himself in the process as well. Today, it was Puffs.



Day 265 | September 22, 2017

I will never understand how he has such long lashes. It makes me jealous because he will never need them to be that long as a guy. Are we allowed to trade our children ?



Day 266 | September 23, 2017

After a long 14 hour wedding, I relaxed with ice cream. I was tempted to buy wine, but was extrememly way too lazy to. So this was what I had in the freezer ready to go.



Day 267 | September 24, 2017

AJ only eats a few things now. Chicken nuggets, puffs, pop corn, chocolate milk, fruit snacks, cereal, yogurt, and cheeze its. I guess he kind of gets a little out of each food group right? I mean, who really needs their veggies anyways?



Day 268 | September 25, 2017

After spending much of the day in the ER for scaring his mother half to death, AJ decided to nap his ailments away. My poor baby doesn't do well in the heat, and of course when it decided to be 90 at the end of September, our air condition would decide not to work. Great timing life.



Day 269 | September 26, 2017

I was making food when I head little pebbles dropping all over the floor. Yep, AJ found my white rock collection from the North Carolina beaches. I still don't remember why I started collecting them, but there was a rock with a heart on it in the pile.



Day 270 | September 27, 2017

The dreaded late night diaper change that takes 5 minutes to do because you have to chase your toddler around after they grab you their diaper. Yep..



Day 271 | September 28, 2017

I think these two would live off of this pop corn if their bodies would let them. We go through bags like crazy. No joke.



Day 272 | September 29, 2017

No more monkeys jumping on the bed..
AJ tore all the blankets and pillows off his bed to jump on it tonight. We have quite the dare devil on our hands.



Day 273 | September 30, 2017

I am not sure why he thought this was a good chair while I was doing laundry. It was pretty funny though. After this was taken he grabbed a yogurt and had it ready to go in the cup holder.