Just Jump in the Frame | A Note to Other Self Conscious Mothers Out There

So many times we make excuses as to why we never want to be in the picture... "Oh I don't have my make-up done," "I still need to loose another 10 lbs then I will," or "I don't like what I am wearing." 

I totally get it, I was that way for the first year and a half of my child's life. Face shots and selfies were all I would take.. and with my phone. Now, there is nothing wrong with selfies and phone photos, but do you ever hang that up in your house? 


I was so tired of always making excuses and never having family photos hanging in the house that I finally made myself do it. I had to put on my big girl pants and get over the fears and insecurities I had with my post baby body. I got into the frame..

And it was empowering.

Sure, I still had love handles and dark circles under my eyes, my hair was in a messy bun that took days to comb through so I never bothered. Sure, I was anxious as I looked at my camera, anxious to see how big I was going to look, and how lumpy and everything imaginable..

But that isn't what I saw. 

Instead, I felt a sudden urge of pride in myself and my body. I went through months of carrying my child, months of sickness after he was born, hormonal issues, health issues, and yet here I am. I saw strength. I saw courage. I saw inspiration.

I seen how other mothers reacted to my story, how they appreciated me opening up about my journey, and how it made them happier in themselves. I never knew I could do that, I was so worried with how I felt about myself that I didn't think about how many others were in the same position as me. That I could actually help someone... and that the feeling in doing so was amazing. 

So, take a dare.

I dare you to step out of your comfort zone, get out from behind that camera, stop hiding your face. Get in the frame, play with your children, hold them, love them, never let them go. Don't hold yourself back, don't think about it, just do it.