Josh + Ashley | Vineyard Engagement Session | Jackson, MI

I love engagement sessions! Couples are one of my favorite things to photograph, especially when I get to work with them again for later events. Engagement sessions give me the chance to work one on one with a couple and see what they love and how they interact with one another. I love exploring the intimacy in their love and, of course, the sessions are always full of love and jokes.

This is how I was able to work with Josh and Ashley. I am photographing their beautiful wedding in late October and I am beyond excited for it. Between their venue and the late autumn colors, their big day is going to be amazing. But that will have to wait until later..

Ashley and I officially met a couple of years ago when her and her adorable daughter Kora modeled for me. We "knew" of each other before that since we all went to the same high school, but with the year differences, never really spoke. 

When she asked me to photograph her wedding, I was so honored.

Weddings are a big deal to me, so I am always thankful when someone entrusts me their big day. It is something that you can't get back, and I love when I am able to be that storyteller for families. Plus, I am a sucker for romance and love.





Which is why I had to have Ashley share her and Josh's love story for this post...

"It all started with a dramatic breakup. Don't all the good ones start that way?

One day I got a text from a random number. Little did I know, Josh's friend was trying to flirt with me. Josh casually told him he would talk to me for his friend. He ended up stealing me instead.

We went on a school trip to Chicago. I realized I really liked him then. But with all the surrounding drama, we stopped talking for about a year. Starting senior year, Josh walks right into Senior Trans. He sat across from me and asked how my summer was. I had gotten a new phone number and gave it to him. Shortly after, our first date was to DQ, I got a pumpkin pie blizzard. It was in October. He drove me to a little river access site and I ended up spilling ice cream all over his car. Although it was our first date, he told me he always knew he would bring someone special to (what we now call) "our spot".

We talked for a long time and just enjoyed each other's company. My favorite thing about Josh was that no matter how dramatic my life was, no matter what problems arouse, how many times I pushed him away- he stayed right there. He listened, he offered advice, and genuinely cared about me. We were 17, both working our first jobs. We spent all senior year together. Every time a trimester would end and we got new schedules, we braced ourselves to not have a class together. But we ended up being together our entire senior year. We walked together at graduation, went to prom together.

We moved into an apartment right after school. We continued to learn together, we struggled, but stayed together. We both worked a lot but still managed to find time for one another. Before long, we were expecting our daughter. It was scary to adventure new territory, but we knew we would handle it like everything else- together.

We have been together 6 years now. We have watched each other grow, learn, fail, accomplish, and journey completely new paths. Josh still works as hard as he can to make sure I am taken care of. He still listens, cares, and stays. We both strive to keep one another happy. Some days that's an easy task. Others it's not. But we have decided to commit to one another through the good and the bad.

I believe that's what's most important in a relationship. Find the one person you want to struggle with."


To play with their wedding theme, we wanted an orchard for their engagement photos. Originally, Meckley's was the number one pick, but they wouldn't return our numerous phone calls for permission since it was their off season. Luckily, the wonderful people from Sandhill Crane Vineyards accommodated us last minute.

And their vineyard is beautiful. It ended up being the perfect location for some romantic sunset photos.. Along with a couple family ones because how can you not photograph Kora when she is around. ;)


I mean, isn't she just the cutest!

Check out some of my favorite images from their session below.  If you love their photos, leave them some love. We all love L O V E ! <3