Black Swan Stylized Session | Halloween 2017 | Jackson, MI

I have always loved Swan Lake; It could be because of my dance and ballet background, or the fact that I love a good fairy tale story.. depending on the version you read.

I considered remaking the white swan this year, but with it being October and Halloween season, I had to put that aside and embrace my inner Natalie Portman and create a Black Swan.

Peyton was beautiful for this stylized session. Even though it was one of the random cold days of the month (This month felt like summer with most days being 80 degrees! That's insane for Michigan!), she rocked it and pushed through. Even joked around about how she was going to wear her make up to Bob Evans or Denny's (I forget which) for dinner after.

"He saw the black water and the declining sun and the swan dipping down, its white wings flashing, and slowing and slowing till silver ripples carried it home."