P52 | Self Portraits of Motherhood

(In Progress)


I spent last year documenting a day of our life, every single day for the entire year. It was a lot of work and not something I felt comfortable doing again for 2018, so I decided to work on a different type of project for this year.

I have always loved taking self portraits, many of the images you see of AJ and I were taken this way. I decided to make it a full project this year, having us both get in the frame at least once a week. Continuing on with the concept of “A Day In Our Life,” these all are during tasks that we do daily, weekly, or quite often.



Bathtime, which has been quite the task lately because AJ would rather throw things in the bathtub than get in. Bath bombs kind of save us because he likes the colors that the water changes into when he throws them in.



I think a child’s room will forever be messy, no matter how many times you pick it up, there is always another adventure awaiting to be made up and torn down. Occasionally, I get to help, mostly I am made to hide out in the fortress of stuffed animals only allowed to observe and rebuild.